Keep your home safe while you’re on holiday

Over the festive season, most of us will probably leave our homes to go to the beach, the berg, the bush or visit family. While we’re away, our homes will be more vulnerable to break ins.

Don’t start off 2018 on a bad note. Here are a few essential tips to keep your home safe while you’re on holiday:

Don’t announce your holiday plans on social media

Many people love to broadcast their exciting vacation plans to all of their friends and family; however, you should only do so once you’re back from your holiday. You don’t want the wrong people seeing this information and knowing when the best time to break into your home is.

Cancel your regular services

Rather postpone garden services, domestic cleaning, repair services and renovation services until you get back from holiday as any entry into your yard and home can leave your home susceptible to break-ins, especially if your house is not locked properly after someone enters and leaves.

Invest in affordable security lighting

Set up indoor and outdoor lights that automatically switch on at specific times. These switches deter criminals as they give the illusion to outsiders that someone is home.

Let your close-by friends know you’re going away

Let someone you trust know that you will be on holiday so they can look out for any suspicious activity happening around your house. Make sure they have all your contact details, your alarm code and a set of keys so they can access your house if need be.

Don’t hide your spare key outside your home

This is possibly the easiest way to give criminals easy access into your home. Rather leave your keys with a friend who lives nearby.

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