Cheap ways to keep kids busy this Easter

Our first school holiday for 2015 has arrived at the speed of light! Keeping kids busy in a constructive way without breaking your bank requires some creative thinking. Being proactive and planning clever activities in advance can help you spend money wisely, without busting your budget completely.

Debt Rescue gathered some creative Easter ideas to help you keep the little ones occupied in an affordable manner:

  • Why not make your own Easter puppets and have your own puppet show?
  • Go camping in the garden – make a fire (with adult supervision of course) and braai some marshmallows while looking at the stars.
  • Build an obstacle course with household contents like chairs, linen, cushions, etc. and let the kids complete the course.
  • Allow the kids to splash around in the garden with a water sprinkler or the garden hose.
  • Take the kids to the zoo and pack your own picnic basket.
  • When travelling, play games like “I spy with my little eye …” or “travel bingo” where the first person who spots 10 objects alongside the road wins.
  • Go hiking in the Botanical Gardens and have a fun picnic. Remember the sunscreen and hats.
  • Re-cycle used household plastics, paper and cardboard to make animals, robots, planes, etc.
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Debt Rescue wishes you a blessed Easter with your family and friends. If you are sinking in debt and don’t know who to turn to, contact Debt Rescue to see how we can assist you to become debt free again. Visit us at or call 0861 800 009 to speak to one of our trusted debt consultants.

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