“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.” –Edmund Burke

“If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.” –Vicki Robin

“Never spend your money before you have it.” –Thomas Jefferson

“Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self.” –Nathan W. Morris

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” –Dave Ramsey

“Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more.” –Jack Benny

“No one’s ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.” – Suze Orman

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” –P.T. Barnum

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” –Seneca

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” –Ayn Rand

“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” Jonathan Swift

“Know what you own, and know why you own it.” – Peter Lynch

“If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” Ben Franklin

“Don’t let money run your life, let money help you run your life better.” – John Rampton

“Beware of small expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track.” – Natasha Munson

“Don’t think money does everything or you are going to end up doing everything for money.” – Voltaire

“I finally know what distinguishes man from the other beasts: financial worries. – Jules Renard

“About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends.” – Herbert Hoover

“The only way you will ever permanently take control of your financial life is to dig deep and fix the root problem.” – Suze Orman

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