Our Top 5 free resources to help you in your career

The job market is very competitive and constantly changing. To stay at the top of your game, you need to keep up by learning new skills and expanding your knowledge.

Whether you’re exploring a new industry, searching for your dream job or just looking for the next step in your career, we suggest having a look at the following free online resources:

  1. Social Media
    Social media facilitates the creation and sharing of information. This will include sites like Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest etc. Your social presence on these sites are not only for keeping up with friends, but it could also have a significant impact on your career.  However, whether the influence is positive or negative is entirely up to you.Social Media is an ideal tool for prospective employers to do some research on you, and of course vice versa. Your online presence gives them some insight into your lifestyle, beliefs and personality.Social media can of course also be used to assist you in personal and career development. For example; follow your career idol on the various social media sites as inspiration.  Follow leading development companies and stay on top of any new industry developments. Social Media is also an excellent tool for modern networking and advertising of your personal brand.
  1. TED-Talks
    TED is a non-profit organisation that shares short “talks”. Various speakers discuss their well-formed ideas in a short, powerful presentation.  These talks are available online (www.TED.com) and can be one of two things. It either covers new exciting ideas or inventions, or topics that were previously discussed with new arguments that challenge your beliefs and perspectives.Keep your eyes open for TED-events happening in your area. These events are free of charge and promise mind-blowing conversation.
  1. Community forums
    Community forums are simple platforms, open to the public, that encourage discussions around various topics. Conveniently, most of these communities are available online, giving you insight from across the world. Users can share ideas, ask questions and gain understanding.  You can also subscribe to industry newsletters to stay on top of anything happening in your industry.
  1. Career guidance and coaching
    Do you require some career guidance?  Various sites are available online to assist not only with career advice but also with coaching and mentorships. Having a coach or mentor to help you with your development is a huge advantage in gaining confidence and the necessary knowledge to further your career.
  1. Online universities
    The power of knowledge cannot be emphasised enough. With various online and virtual universities available, there is no excuse not to expand your knowledge.  A vast variety of courses are available online and free of charge.

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