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We all know we need to cut back on our spending, pay off our debts and save more. This becomes excessively harder to do each year as the list of our essential expenses become longer and more expensive. Here are 8 small daily changes that could help you save more this year. #1 Save by… Continued

With the cost of living and especially the price of food continuously increasing, it is becoming more difficult for the average consumer to stay within their monthly budget. The question of “why are there so much month left at the end of the money?” definitely comes to mind more often lately. Luckily, with a few clever… Continued

Too much debt and overspending is some of the reasons why a shocking 77% of South African consumers have no money left at the end of each of month. Often any attempt to cut back on expenses is shortly lived due to a budget that is already uncomfortably tight. Even after examining slips with a… Continued

The new financial year has just started and yet so many of us still have money problems that date back years and years. It is tempting to want to postpone dealing with the various problems we have with money until something forces us to make the changes needed. In order to gain financial stability you… Continued

A change is as good as a holiday but don’t despair if your budget doesn’t allow for either.  With a few easy to follow tips, you can spruce up your home to something out of a magazine without breaking the bank. The possibilities are endless, just get started and you will be surprised at what… Continued

“I will never be rich.” “It’s impossible to pay all this debt.” These are the type of negative statements many people make about their finances. But have you ever stopped to think about how your thoughts – especially your negative thoughts – influence your emotions and behaviour? In her book Crazy About Money: How Emotions… Continued

With the year in full swing and the majority of us hitting the ground running, it is time to remind ourselves of the importance of our health and maintaining a good balance between work and life. Planning a holiday in advance has various benefits and is very good for your budget as well.   With… Continued

Bad debt can sneak up on anyone, regardless of your income. The only way to prevent making bad debt is to commit to saving for specific things every month, without fail. Although every life cycle brings with it different saving priorities, there are five saving goals however, that one should start saving for as early… Continued

So you started the year all organised and positive, and you are feeling good about yourself and your money – please don’t stop now! A healthy and sustainable relationship with money lasts a lifetime.  It needs to be tended to carefully and consistently, so why not set weekly dates to stay on top of it… Continued

With February being the month of love we are reminded to work on our romance skills and build a stronger relationship with that special someone in our lives. With no day of the year allocated to our relationship with money, when last have you stopped to think about the ZARs in your bank, other than… Continued

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