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We all know why a budget it is essential for financial success. However, when it comes to the holidays one might want to let your hair down and leave the calculator at home. Unfortunately, during December most consumers get themselves into financial trouble, which is why a budget, just like every other month, is key.… Continued

As red, green, silver and gold tinsel embellish shops around SA, we are reminded that it’s time for Christmas gift shopping. If you aren’t careful gift shopping can eat away at your holiday budget. Follow these seven tips to make Christmas shopping easier and more cost-effective on you this year: 1. Plan You’ve done it… Continued

Money is a complicated affair. That is why it is inevitable in life to make a few money mistakes along the way. Some money mistakes, however, can cost us our financial freedom. Here are our Top 10 Money Mistakes to beware of or put a stop to as soon as possible Money Mistakes # 1: Not… Continued

When it comes to finances, a lot of us are late bloomers. Often we first need to get in some financial trouble to learn our lesson. Some of us, however, need to learn the lesson more than once. In tough economic times, we have to work even harder to stick to our budgets, stretching our… Continued

If you are one of the privileged employees who receive a bonus or thirteenth cheque at the end of the year, you know how tempting that extra cash can be. But before you rush out to buy those water skis or that super-awesome home entertainment system, consider how you can use the money wisely to… Continued

The nearing December holidays is an expensive time of the year for every household, irrespective if you’re staying home or going away. With days of summer magic to fill, entertainment (i.e. events, hosting/attending parties, take aways, eating out, kids’ entertainment) becomes the number one expense almost overnight. It is therefore essential to plan ahead and… Continued

Money plays an important role in our everyday lives and we need to cultivate a healthy relationship with it. The way you think about money directly affects what you do with it and how your finances look. If you constantly fixate on not having enough of it, you’ll probably be uncreative in your budget with… Continued

Did you know there are only 10 weeks left before its Christmas? December is literally right around the corner, leaving you with limited time to plan your budget-friendly Christmas shopping. Remember, overspending during the holidays will cast a shadow over your New Year’s finances. Instead, plan ahead, think creatively and make sure you stay in… Continued

Life is complicated. But that doesn’t mean your finances need to be! With a few easy changes, you can make your financial life much simpler: Tip 1: Use technology Make technology work for you! There are literally hundreds of apps that allow you to manage your budget from the palm of your hand. Click on… Continued

With the summer around the corner, many people are hitting the gyms to get their bodies back into shape after all the winter indulgences. While you’re on a drive to better your body, why not use your new-found energy to whip your budget into shape as well? 1. It’s in the details You may have… Continued

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