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Does it feel as if the good intensions you have for your finances are always too short-lived? Are your finances plagued with a series of bad money decisions for every good one you make? If so, follow this four-step guide to get it right: Step 1: Give yourself a reality check. Take out your bank… Continued

Life is expensive. As monthly instalments and food prices go up, we have less and less control over our budgets and are forced to rely on our credit cards, accounts or overdrafts to fund the excess. A car breaking down and several medical bills just add to insult to injury, and before you know it… Continued

As working adults every life stage or decade brings with it a couple of financial priorities to master. While in your twenties, it is essential to cultivate a habit of saving. In your thirties the most crucial financial priority is to get your retirement savings on track, and in your forties saving for things like… Continued

This week marks the end of Saving’s Month but hopefully it marks the start to your on-going saving endeavours? A saving habit is not formed easily and needs to be practiced daily, weekly and monthly, just like you would practice any fitness regime. Make saving on everyday things, like your groceries, a weekly activity, and… Continued

A wedding is one of the biggest highlights of any couple’s life together. And as we near the wedding season, we want to share our 5-step wedding saving guide to help you save enough for the special day and prevent you from having to take on any new debt. Times have changed. Couples are getting… Continued

Saving is hard. It requires on-going commitment to your savings plan, every day, week, month and year. No wonder South African households have a savings rate of only 1.1%. However, the time to change from a non-saver to a saver is now! The trick is to stop thinking of saving as a nice-to-have and rather… Continued

July is national savings month and according to the South African Savings Institute (SASI), South African households have a savings rate of 1.1% and debt to disposable income percentage of 76.6%* Some of the reasons for the poor savings culture in the country are said to be the 26.7% unemployment rate, a lack of financial… Continued

In recent times, the word “budget” has become one that we avoid. It’s just as necessary as regular doctor’s check-ups or car services, and yet it has become the last item on our to-do lists. We’re anxious and avoidant because we know how tough the economic climate is and we don’t always want to face… Continued

Even with a solid budget in place it is easy to overspend. One of the many reasons for this is an inability to manage spending money efficiently. In order to prevent making new/more debt learn to work with the amount you have. Spending money is essentially the money you have left after all the must-have… Continued

In this day and age a large number of people wait until later in life to get married, have children or even change careers. That is why being in your 40s is almost like the new 30s. However, irrespective of where you find yourself physically or emotionally when you reach this age group, there are… Continued

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