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As human beings we need goals to motivate and drive us forward. We set goals for our careers, for our relationships, and we even set goals for our weight and fitness. Why is it that we often forget to set goals for our finances? With only 20% of South Africans contributing towards a formal savings… Continued

Debt industry expert, Neil Roets, is at the steer of Debt Rescue Neil Roets, CEO at the steer of Debt Rescue, is a prominent debt expert continuously consulted by the Media for debt advice. Neil obtained his LLB degree from the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education in 2002. In 2004 he was simultaneously admitted… Continued

When it comes to paying off debt there are multiple ways in which to do so. The Debt Avalanche method focuses on paying off the highest interest-bearing debt first. This method is the cheapest way to get rid of debt because it prevents your higher interest-bearing loans, accounts etc. from accruing even more debt. If… Continued

Financial trouble is not a balaclava-wearing intruder that made its way into your home undetected. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it is not an accident. No, unfortunately financial trouble is found at the end of a long and winding road of ongoing financial mistakes that have been ignored for far too long. Luckily, there are… Continued

The things in life that are truly good for you are rarely smothered in melted cheese or chocolate. That is why budgeting is to your financial health what low GI bran food is to your physical wellbeing… Dry and rather boring but future you will thank you for it. So if our top five rewards… Continued

Do you often wonder how other people who earn a similar salary to you are able to make ends meet? Perhaps one could argue that they are able to do this because they have fewer expenses or earn an additional income from other avenues. But the truth is, that if you were to ask around,… Continued

Everyone talks about budgeting. And most importantly sticking to it. But most of us know that this is not always easy. Sometimes the unforeseen happens, and we are not prepared for it. And when we are already stretched to the max, it frequently seems that there is no way out. That is why having a… Continued

Our first school holiday for 2015 has arrived at the speed of light! Keeping kids busy in a constructive way without breaking your bank requires some creative thinking. Being proactive and planning clever activities in advance can help you spend money wisely, without busting your budget completely. Debt Rescue gathered some creative Easter ideas to… Continued

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