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Since the first week in January we have been sharing weekly tips that will help you implement powerful money resolutions in 2016. Let’s recap and elaborate on these eight tips. Tip 1: Create and stick to a strict budget Everything starts with a budget. A budget is to your dream life what blueprints are for… Continued

Do you and your spouse know everything about each other’s finances? Or do you believe that your money matters are personal? Money talks can be a complete mood killer, especially for newlyweds or when the news is particularly bad. According to a poll done by Money Magazine, money causes around 70% of the friction between… Continued

The drought, the rand’s drastic depreciation and the South African Reserve Bank’s recent repo rate hike of 0,50% have dealt SA’s consumers a triple blow. It is very clear that 2016 will have no mercy on shoppers, especially those living on credit. Now is the time to relook budgets, up savings and if you are… Continued

These days there isn’t a cookie cutter mould for someone in their 30s. You could be married and your children could be in primary school or you could be single and a homeowner. You could be a single parent, getting married, getting divorced, starting your studies again or starting a new career. The options are… Continued

Monday is generally considered to be the most depressing day of the week. And with January marking the end of the summer holidays and the return to reality, it is understandable that January could feel like one long Monday too. Did you know that today has been singled out as the bluest of them all?… Continued

Sometimes things go wrong. That is why people take out cover for their cars, homes and health in order to minimise the blow should the unthinkable happen. Unfortunately in everyday life there are often unforeseen expenses like car repairs, medical bills etc. that you cannot insure against. For these and any other emergency fees, you… Continued

The road to financial stability is paved with a series of clever financial choices. And the sooner you make these spot-on decisions and actively pursue the goals and plans that support them, the more future-you will thank you for it. Like by making a savings plan that will enable you to make all your short-,… Continued

In the mood for an educational read this festive season? Then invest in a book written by an expert. Here we list our Top 10 favourite books on saving money. Use your time off this holiday wisely and start 2016 on a better financial footing. 1. “The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan… Continued

Even if you stay at home, the holidays can be expensive. There are kids to be entertained, presents to be bought, socialising to be done, to name but a few. The last thing you want to do is to get yourself into, or further into debt, but you also need to have a good time.… Continued

Let’s face it – as social beings we all need to have some fun from time to time. Spending time with our families and friends to foster good relationships are as important as the air we breathe! According to the article: The Benefits of Socialising, it is important to ensure enough socialising vs. sofalising. The… Continued

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