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In recent times, the word “budget” has become one that we avoid. It’s just as necessary as regular doctor’s check-ups or car services, and yet it has become the last item on our to-do lists. We’re anxious and avoidant because we know how tough the economic climate is and we don’t always want to face… Continued

Even with a solid budget in place it is easy to overspend. One of the many reasons for this is an inability to manage spending money efficiently. In order to prevent making new/more debt learn to work with the amount you have. Spending money is essentially the money you have left after all the must-have… Continued

In this day and age a large number of people wait until later in life to get married, have children or even change careers. That is why being in your 40s is almost like the new 30s. However, irrespective of where you find yourself physically or emotionally when you reach this age group, there are… Continued

Do you know exactly what is going on in your finances? Have you set financial goals, and are you saving effectively towards each? Or are you flat broke at the end of each month with no plan in place? If you are the latter, there is no better time than the present to do introspection… Continued

We all know someone who is really good at managing his or her personal finances. You know, that person with the budgets and excel spreadsheets for everything. People who are good with personal finance management don’t necessarily earn more; they just work harder at controlling each cent they make. But you can too. Here are… Continued

In tough economic times we need to cut back where we can and up our savings as much as possible. Practicing restraint like this takes a lot of guts and determination, because it is human nature to want to buy things we love. That is why it is also normal to want to believe that… Continued

In tough economic times consumers need to save where they can to prevent falling deeper into the debt trap. Over the past three weeks we have been sharing some electricity saving advice so that homes across South Africa can cut their bills this winter. In week one we shared advice on mastering the geyser, in… Continued

As we head into the coldest months of the year, there is a shadow overhead: electricity prices are going up. There are ways of being resourceful and cutting back on power usage and ultimately saving money. However, these require some extra planning, effort and determination in order for it to become second nature. Are you… Continued

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