Personality Traits to Adopt for Financial Security

“Millions wish for financial freedom, but only those that make it a priority have millions.”

                                                                                                         ~ Oscar Auliq-Ice

South Africa is a land of opportunity and great financial prosperity”

Do you agree with this statement?? Or do you find that this country requires hard work, long hours, and exhaustive effort to reach your financial dreams?

Do you believe that taking care of your family and all your financial responsibilities can seem like a road with no end in sight?

The truth is that it is becoming more and more taxing to support our families, keep the home afloat and the children’s bellies full. The cost of food, fuel and other basic needs are pushing us all to change our financial habits and adopt new approaches to stay ahead.

If we wish to breakthrough into a higher level of financial success, change is inevitable. Change requires an iron will and a steel hand to manage the road ahead.

Do you have what it takes to adopt the same personality traits as those who have complete financial security?

Personality Trait #1 – Navigator

Goal setting sounds like work and a waste of time to many people. Sadly, financial security lies precisely in this personality trait. Plan everything. Know how you want the road to look and mitigate the pitfalls before they take you by surprise. Of course, you cannot plan for every pitfall, but you can plan around them. Emergency funds are paramount for planning.

Goal setting gives you a structured road map which leads where you want it to go. Goal setting means that you choose the path and hold the power over your life. To have this plan of action in place allows you to be confident in the actions that you make every day. Without the road map your financial security is a matter of chance. Set your goals, map your road, and build out the way you want life to look for you and your family. Once you have done this you can begin the journey of achieving it.

 Personality Trait #2 –Iron Willed

Personalities differ from person to person, everyone setting their plans in motion in their own ways. Whichever manner you choose to plan your finances, understand that stability and financial security is only achieved by having an iron willpower and not deviating except in dire emergencies. Budgeting is one of these plans that is now, more than ever, an imperative cornerstone to the South African household.

A household without a financial foundation in place will not survive economic roller coasters. Households who have these plans set up, but fail to execute them with precision, will also not survive the roller coasters without needing financial assistance at some point.

Successful and financially stable individuals across the world share the same sentiment – financial planning cannot be deviated from. This is how you climb the ladder to increase your financial stability – by sticking to the carefully analysed financial plans.

Personality Trait #3 – Hard Working

It is a common misconception that hard work and long hours was never part of the vocabulary of the wealthy. Many of them, like Henry Ford, only found financial stability and success in the later years of their lives. The hard work which they put in, the dedication and acknowledgement of working towards a goal is what leads to financial security.

The money is not going to come from luck, chance, or wishful ideologies. It comes from knowing where you want to be, never deviating from the plans that you have set in motion, hard work and massive investment which is your time.

No one wants to think that they are simply working their lives away. Your time needs to have a plan, the hard work needs to have a reason and end goal in mind, and you need to show up for this all to take place. Your iron will and financial map will be realised if you put in the hours needed. If you have what it takes and you plan how you want to see your life pan out, show up and do what needs to be done to get where you want to be, nothing can stop you.

It takes the strongest and wisest of us to be able to understand that financial structure using the above three personality traits is what leads to financial security. Being honest about your financial situation at all times is part and parcel of the iron will and even the toughest oftentimes require a breathing space where financial aid is a necessity.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any of these three personality traits or all three. Do you have other personality traits that you believe ensure financial security?

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