Plan your December holiday now and save!

We’re less than 2 months away from December! Can you believe it? While you may think it’s too early to start planning your December holiday, you may find that places are already getting booked out and there are fewer early booking discounts for holiday accommodation. So, whether you’re planning a bush or a berg holiday, or going to visit family in another town, if you want to save money on your holiday this summer, start planning it now.

Here are the main things to consider when planning your South African holiday:

You need to book accommodation as soon as possible

If you have family or friends offering you cheaper or free accommodation, you will save a lot of money on holiday costs. For those who aren’t so lucky, consider choosing destinations that are just outside of the popular holiday destination locations, namely Durban, Cape Town and the Kruger National Park, to save on accommodation fees.

Take advantage of holiday specials

Look around for special offerings and family packages before choosing a holiday destination. Holiday packages may include activities, accommodation and meals for the whole family! Why not save money where you can?

If possible, book your holiday before or after the peak season

Holiday rates go up phenomenally over Christmas time. So, to avoid paying too much for accommodation and entertainment as well as the heavy holiday traffic, see if you can book an off-season holiday for you and your family

Check online reviews before booking your accommodation

Besides cost, also compare accommodation reviews to see if holidaymakers enjoyed their stay at the location. Also look at photos and read up about the area and accommodation so that you know what to expect.

Choose a holiday destination with cheap or free activities

There’s no use visiting a destination but not being able to afford extra activities.  Most people enjoy holidays at the beach, the berg or game reserves because there is constant cheap and free entertainment for the entire family.

Don’t get into debt over the holiday season

We know how easy it is to rack up more and more debt. If you’re struggling to pay off your debt, please speak to Debt Rescue today. We can help you.

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