Save money by cutting your electricity bill: A 4-Week Challenge [Week 2]

Winter is here. It is time to celebrate the start of the cosy season by getting our winter clothing and heating appliances ready for action.

In our previous post we looked at ways to master your geyser so you can save on your electricity bill. As with any habit, it takes time to form. So continue with those tips religiously every day.

Our focus in this week’s challenge is to say no to using heating appliances. With an average of 18% of your winter electricity bill resulting from heating your home, we all have to be a little more imaginative in preserving and boosting natural heat.

Remember, cutting back on your electricity usage not only saves money but also cuts back on environmental damage. Making it a double whammy.

WEEK 2 CHALLENGE: Master natural heating

Try the following:

1. Draw curtains/blinds from dusk till dawn: Windows are the easiest way for heat to escape and enter your home. Be sure to keep your curtains/blinds drawn from 6pm until 6am, and open during the sunny hours of the day.

Tip: Don’t have curtains? Ask family or friends if they have some to spare? Alternatively, drape a blanket over your bedroom’s curtain rail during the night.

2. Keep yourself warm: Before you even attempt to heat the home, first make sure you are wearing winter-appropriate clothing. Some people feel the cold easier in their hands and feet, and others feel it in their face or chest first; wherever you feel it, make sure you cover up.

  • Wear your most comfortable tracksuit, sweater, wool socks, slippers, beanie, pyjamas, winter dressing gown etc.
  • Cover yourself with a blanket in front of the TV.
  • Add a blanket to your bed.
  • Drink hot beverages frequently.
  • Snuggle up with your family members and/or the family pet.

Tip: Prevent boiling the kettle every time you want to make a hot drink. Boil it once or twice an evening and add the leftover water to a thermos. Alternatively, only boil the amount of water you will be using.

3. Make the most of other sources of heat:

  • After using the oven, open the oven door to capitalise on the leftover heat.
  • Shower with the bathroom door open and let the heat from your shower seep out and heat your bedroom or the hall area.

4. Close the gaps:

  • Close the doors of any unused areas of the house.
  • Locate where drafts are coming in.
  • If there is a gap underneath the door, throw a small rug in front of it.
  • Use bubble wrap or clear plastic to stop drafts coming from windows.

The price of electricity is going up, and the extra monthly expense can place unnecessary pressure on a household’s cash flow. The time to learn how to work conscientiously with electricity is now!

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