Your Secret Santa family guide

Secret Santa has become one of the best ways to share the gift of giving without spending a ridiculous amount of money over the festive season. The whole tradition became very popular in work offices but now families and friends are jumping on board too! So, if you’re new to the whole idea of Secret Santa, the concept is pretty simple: instead of buying each person in your family a Christmas gift, each family member buys one gift for a specific person. Names are randomly selected, usually by a hat draw.

If you want to try out this cool tradition, read our Secret Santa tips below:

  1. Let your family know ASAP.
    Just remember, some people start Christmas shopping way before Christmas, so make sure everyone knows they will not have to buy everyone gifts.
  2. Do a hat draw.
    This is the fairest way to select everyone’s Secret Santa. Make sure you remind everyone that they’re not allowed to announce who they’ll be buying a gift for!
  3. Set a price.
    To ensure that the gifts are relatively fair, you need to set an estimated amount that each person is allowed to spend on a gift. Gift buyers must try their best to stick to the budget!
  4. Set a date.
    The best time to exchange the gifts would be on or just before Christmas day. Make sure everyone is there for the exchanging of gifts.

Secret Santa is definitely a great way to buy a special present for one specific person. A lot of people rack up the most debt over the festive season. If you are struggling with debt, contact Debt Rescue today.

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