Seven practical ways to stay productive and healthy at work

We all spend most of our lives at work. Whether you work regular office hours in a big office or if you are fortunate enough to work flexible hours and from home.  Productivity and health is key to successful and satisfied individuals.

Here are seven easy steps you can follow to improve your productivity (and health), without breaking the bank.  

  1. A clean working environment
    Make sure that the area around you is clean.  There are thousands of germs hiding in your keyboard and phone, so disinfect them often. Ensure your dustbin is cleared out everyday and dust your desk on a weekly basis. Take used mugs and glasses to the kitchen.
  1. Declutter and personalise your space
    Declutter and organise your desk for optimum use. Make sure you only have what you need around you. Personalising your space will make you feel more productive and comfortable. This can include a personal screensaver, a photo of loved ones on your desk or quirky stationery.
  1. Colour and inspiration
    Colours can add to your wellbeing.  For example: Yellow helps to get your creative juices flowing.  Green reduces stress and fosters calmness, and blue promotes focus. Try to bring in any of these colours with inspirational quotes or pictures of your personal goals; for example, a holiday destination or a bucket-list sporting events.
  1. Breathe easy and see the light
    Plants don’t only look nice on your desk, it also absorbs carbon dioxide and release oxygen. If you are fortunate enough to sit close to a window, appreciate the natural light and open it for fresh air. Sometimes you cannot control where you sit, and might not have access to a window. Placing a warm light, such as a lamp on your desk, can create a more relaxing environment and prevent you from straining your eyes as you work.
  1. Background noise and the volume thereof
    As most offices nowadays are open plan, it is bound to be a busy and noisy environment. Some people are lucky and thrive on the hustle and bustle of a public open space, others prefer a quiet corner. You can control the influence of the noise by wearing earplugs. If you do prefer some calming sounds, listen to your favourite music, softly, through headphones.  Switch off the notifications on your phone and lower the volume of the ring.
  1. Eat well and drink water
    You need to keep hydrated during the day. It is easy to forget this when you become engrossed in your work. Keep a bottle of water on your desk. Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks. A hungry mind is not a focused mind.  Keep healthy snacks on your desk. Easy and clean eating fruit like cherries and grapes or nuts are ideal. Bring your own lunch to work. This will ensure that you do eat during the day and of course it is healthier and cheaper than fast foods.
  1. Get moving and socialise
    Sitting at a desk causes stiffness, muscular problems and can disrupt your blood sugar levels. Take regular breaks and move your body.  Make sure to take the stairs and not the elevator. When you need to ask a quick question, walk to your colleague instead of phoning or emailing. Use the furthest bathroom and kitchen. Ask a colleague to walk with you. Being social is healthy. Make a point thereof to have your lunch with others and not alone or at your desk.

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