Small daily changes to save more this year

We all know we need to cut back on our spending, pay off our debts and save more. This becomes excessively harder to do each year as the list of our essential expenses become longer and more expensive. Here are 8 small daily changes that could help you save more this year.

#1 Save by starting a hobby

Small daily changes to save more this year 1We are not talking about expensive hobbies like golfing or mountain biking etc. that require constant investment from your side. Think of hobbies that might have a small capital outlay but are essentially cheap from there like for e.g. baking, knitting, birding, quilting, beer brewing, woodwork, gardening, crafts etc. How exactly do hobbies save you money? They will keep you and/or the kids busy and interested for months on end and help you spend less on entertainment, keep you out of malls, and who knows maybe you can even sell the things you make…

#2 Save by packing lunches to work

Small daily changes to save more this year 2Takeaways or ready-made sarmies are expensive especially if you buy them every day. Buying a R20 pie for lunch every day might seem like a good deal, but it works out to R100 a week. Even if you are not a big eater during the day the packet of chips, energy drink or biltong adds up too. Instead, pack a healthy sandwich and a fruit from home.


#3 Save by carpooling

Small daily changes to save more this year 3How many of your colleagues live near (near-ish) to you? Carpooling could be a great way to save petrol and maintenance on your car. Carpooling might cause you to have to wake up a little earlier and make a little detour, but if you plan it well the pros will outweigh the cons.


#4 Save by taking time to plan

Small daily changes to save more this year 4There is a good reason why effective people are planners. Taking the time to plan things like meals, shopping trips, errands etc. can help you save more. How? If you plan your errands well you don’t have to drive to the shops every other day but get it done in one go, meaning less petrol and time wasted. If you plan your meals in advance you can shop for discounts, and spend less money on food and waste less.

#5 Save by growing your own herbs & veggies

Small daily changes to save more this year 5Herbs make any meal taste that much more special, and they are so easy to grow. Save by planting your own and having fresh mint, basil and rosemary at hand whenever you need it. Vegetables are a little bit more difficult to grow and maintain but once you have a working garden you have the potential to save on your fresh veg bill every week.


#6 Save by shopping second hand

Small daily changes to save more this year 6Second-hand shopping is the easiest way to knock off hundreds if not thousands off the bill of the things you need. Need a new couch, phone or laptop? Shop second-hand or refurbished and save. These items are often in such great working condition you can hardly believe it isn’t new.


#7 Save by only using enough

Small daily changes to save more this year 7Cleaning products and toiletries are absolute necessities in any household and unfortunately, they come with a price tag. But do you and your kids know how much toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, face cream etc. is enough to do the job? The same goes for cleaning products? Study the directions carefully and ask your kids how much of each product they use. Often tubes of a product are thrown away with still a little bit inside. By only using enough your products will last longer, allowing you to spend less.

#8 Save by buying reusable products

Small daily changes to save more this year 8Reusable products like metal coffee filters, cloth napkins and reusable shopping bags are far more expensive than those you can throw away. They might also be more of a mission to clean, which is understandable why it would seem that throw-aways are the cost-effective answer. However, over time the costs add up. Invest in proper reusable products and save over time.

If your debt is overwhelming you at the moment and you have no idea how you are going to make everything work out this year, give Debt Rescue a call. We are here for you!

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