SURVEY : Black Friday 2023

5 responses to “SURVEY : Black Friday 2023”

  1. I usually not participating on black Fridays deal but is because I don’t have money during those times. Last year I did participated but it was Christmas clothing for my kids and I am happy I managed to do that. I managed to pay R600 for the 3 of them, is was not a lot but it was something.
    I am entering this for them because things are getting even worse and I am scared.

  2. Occasionally black Fridays are beneficial to me because of the bargains that are advertised but the standard of leaving leave me no choice this year but to stick to my budget and not give out more than I’m supposed to on unnecessary products and services .

  3. I’m participating in this because I’m a pensioner and money I receive in insufficient for my monthly allowance.
    I’m also an asthmathic and cancer patient in remission where I need this money to visit d doctor and buy my medication . Pay for transportation and other households items.
    Would be grateful if I could win .
    Godbless all.🙏

  4. The cost of living is very high the Grant is not enough an being unwell most of the time without money is stressful especially when meds is needed having cancer and being diabetic is not good I would greatly appreciate it if I win may god be on n my side this once I pray thank you

  5. Day by day everything is going up and once salary stays the same for years while everything in live goes up to a point where you can not afford to buy anything but what is needed in the house no eating out, not going for a drive somewhere over the weekends, not going out with friends or family as the petrol is unbearable these days, and not to say school fees, school close and aftercare everything goes up and a for a divorce mother where i barely get maintenance it is though already.

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