Survey – Effects of Living Costs

We understand that many South Africans are struggling with the rising costs of living, including expensive food, electricity, and fuel. Your experience matters to us, and we believe that understanding these challenges is the first step towards creating lasting solutions.

By participating in this short survey, you will help us gather valuable insights into how living costs and debt affect unemployed South Africans. Your responses will contribute to a better understanding of the current situation and assist in developing targeted initiatives to support those in need.

The survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, and your responses will be completely anonymous. We greatly appreciate your time and input in helping us make a difference in South Africa.

Let’s work together to tackle the cost of living crisis!

8 responses to “Survey – Effects of Living Costs”

  1. The food inflation is too high, Electricity and water bill is hiking up daily the cost of living is just getting higher with no salary increment

  2. I do not see a way out seems like things are deteriorating daily, the more economic active people we have the better basically more tax for the government to chow though…

  3. I have gone from having everything, home, car, nice furniture, clothes etc.
    I lost my husband in 2021 and from there I had to start selling everything, even my wedding rings.
    Im desperately looking for a job and I try selling things online now but dont make enough.

  4. Sometimes life seems so cruel, I think many of us are just barely holding it together, again today I realized just how bad our struggle is in today’s economy, as much as I would like to have savings to dip into for emergency situations, my family barely had anything to eat and naturally I used the last of my money to make sure we had something to eat, later I was confronted with an opportunity for a job interview the very next day, I had to turn it down as I didn’t even have money to get to the place, and everyone I turned to was in a situation just as bad if not worse than mine, it’s as if the luxury of “opportunity” no longer exists to the poor even, once you’re down in this life, it’s game over, there is so little chance to get back up and recover again, despite all of that here I am on the survey hoping for an ounce of luck to fall on me, but things have only gone downhill and prices just keep rising, I hope things work out one way or the other.

  5. I have cut down on all expenses, but still cannot make ends meet. Electricity, food and fuel increases, no relief

  6. Cost of living is two high.Everything has rised including Food,Petrol and electricity.Others end up sick due to not affording food.Paraffin is high and the electricity goes from time to time.

  7. Living from month end to month end, not being able to pay your debt or even survive really causes alot of trauma within our communities, it’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone is going through the same struggle and our precious government can’t see or even attempts to help its people. Lending money from family and friends is the way I’m surviving but what else can we do then we are still faced with the challenge of not taking the risk to seek help from companies like debt rescue, because there are good and bad reviews and this is really sad when a company promises to help but some of our people are not being helped. We are suffering as South Africans and we really need help😭😭

  8. We do understand that there is good and bad reviews as any company would have, the best advise that we can give is to do research before entering into any service, read the terms and conditions and ask as many questions you can to understand the service. Debt Review is a great solution to help relieve debt stress.

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