Survey – Food Price Impact 2023

Participate in our new ‘Food Price Impact’ survey. It aims to shed light on how the rising food prices are affecting South Africans.

Your valuable input can help to bring awareness and inspire change.

8 responses to “Survey – Food Price Impact 2023”

  1. It’s really bad if one has to live on a special diet, I am gluten-free, a celiac with massive allergies and can’t eat a variety of foods, everything I can eat is basically 100% more than the average cost.
    Woolworths gluten-free bread is now R60.00 something rand a tiny loaf which only has a few slices. Gluten-free flour is sooo expensive. We arnt coping plus I have fibromyalgia which medical doesn’t cover costs as its NOT recognized as an autoimmune in South Africa. We have to buy loads of medicine with no help from this government.
    I honestly don’t know what to do anymore, I can’t walk unaided.
    I have a walker but this life and living like this and blackouts to boost SUCKS.
    I am 74 years old and am gatvol I can’t cope anymore.

  2. I have a 11 month old daughter and as we all know life itself has become very expensive these days every thing just keeps on going up but ones salary SASSA grant stays the same unbelievable but in my life of raising children I never ever had to cut back on the things they need until now I had to start baying cheeper nappies and what a struggle it was to find the wright kind of nappy even had to cut back on bath soap shampoo powder cream everything it’s a nightmare every time I have to go shopping for my daughter stuff and sometimes when you get at the till to pay you have to decide what is less needed to put back because you simply just don’t have enough money for everything

  3. I’m a singer mom of 3 kids the youngest is 1 year old I’m unemployed and struggling a lot I can’t even buy proper food for my kids.we survive with sassa money and it’s not enough because I also pay rent with it.

  4. Im a mom of a disabled child who wears nappies. The prices of it is so bad and then food and toiletries. I dont know how we are going to survive with the prices just going up and up and the salaries are poor and not going up. God help us all.

  5. Im a pensioner living only with my sasa pension. I have my grandson living with me and my unemployed son. Life is hard to survive these days. I cant survive with my pension. I borrow through the month and must pay people who helped me before buying groceries.

  6. Im a single mother I’m unemployed and my child has started school this year I’m really struggling to buy her food for lunch and to pay for school fees and transport.sassa money is not enough because I’m paying rent buying groceries.

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