Survey : Savings Month 2023

Savings Month is here and we’re buzzing with some big questions about saving habits in our wild economic times.

We’ve put together a quick survey to gather real-life stories from all over South Africa, and we’d love to include yours. It’s all about the ups, downs, and in-betweens of trying to save money these days.

But here’s the best part: the completed survey enters you into a lucky draw to win a cool R500 cash prize!

Your story is a crucial piece of our nation’s saving puzzle. By sharing it, you’ll not only help others in the same boat feel less alone but might also spark some real change in how we all think about saving.

One response to “Survey : Savings Month 2023”

  1. Cost of living has increased, there is no chance of saving money, I, like most people, just struggle to pay everything that is already necessary, such as food, insurance, water, electricity, sewerage, levy, medical aid and extra medical expenses for myself and elderly parent. Petrol is very expensive, and one needs to go to work, and unfortunately our country doesn’t have reliable public transportation like busses. Times are tough and lots of money is wasted by government, and there seems to be no consequences for those in power, but us, the poor, oh my goodness are we always in trouble, and our funds are always taken and squandered.

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