Survey: The High Cost of Living in 2022

12 responses to “Survey: The High Cost of Living in 2022”

  1. Dept Review assisted me to be disciplined and now I have learned to save money and buy clothes and other staff cash and if no money no purchase this is my 5th year with you guys.

    Thank you Dept Review. Please continue to assist others that we are referring to you. I always tell people that they must consider asking help from you guys because this is a must have to release STRESS !!!

  2. In time of trouble and poorernes your company was the best.statement in timely.please be there when we need you.

  3. Been with debt review for 1 year. Although the initial review looked rewarding to allow better cash flow, the 1st year was still rather difficult. With the current rise in prices for daily goods, it looks like 2022 will also be difficult. I truly hope that joining Debt Review will eventually prove fruitful as currently it feels the same as before I was under debt review.

  4. Hi Muntu, it is always our goal to be the best and we will do anything within our power to deliver good service to our clients.

  5. I am hanging in there on a hope and a prayer that I do not loose my job. There have been times when I have not been paid and Debt Rescue have assisted me. Thank you sooo much you have no idea how much that is appreciated. May you go on to assist many more people who find themselves in financial difficulty. I do recommend when necessary.

  6. Been with debt review for 3 years now and I learned to live within my means. I learned to buy cash and walk away if I can’t afford it. I already paid off a few things and closed account and I am looking forward to finally have no debt left.
    Thank you debt review

  7. High cost of living is getting a bit out of hand the last few years , luckily Debt Rescue gave me the needed breathing space the last few years. Thanks to the Debt Rescue Team.

  8. Hi Lee, this is so good to hear as this is exactly the purpose of the process. Before you know it you will be debt free.

  9. Thank you for your kind words Waldo, we are glad that the process has brought you relief.

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