Take your first steps to a healthy wealthy 2017

At long last, payday has arrived and we can all breathe a sigh of relief for making it through January.  For most February means back to normal with the daily routine and the New Year’s resolution about a healthy 2017 all but forgotten.

Let’s get that resolution started by investing in our own personal health as well as our financial health.  Follow these three easy steps to kick-start your year:

Get moving outdoors for free

To start your journey, all you need is a good pair of shoes and a positive mindset. With our gorgeous long summer days grab the opportunity to go for a nice walk around your neighbourhood.  Use this time to not only appreciate the beautiful country we call home but, also to clear the mind and set active goals for yourself.  If you don’t trust yourself to stay motivated get a training buddy.  It can be your partner, your kids, your friend or even your dog. It is much harder to cancel if you have someone else waiting for you and you see the disappointment on their faces.

Before long you will start increasing your distance and speed and of course all those free happy and feel good endorphins will get the mind active and the creative juices flowing.  

The gym contract money can now be spent wisely by either paying off any debts you may have or start saving towards that next beach holiday.

Healthy eating on a budget

Healthy eating does not have to be expensive. With a few smart shopping tips, you can eat healthy for much less.

Buy in-season fruit and vegetables and freeze it. Pre-cut vegetables are more expensive, rather buy fresh vegetables and cut it up and pack the appropriate portion sizes yourself.  You will minimise any waste as the portion sizes are specific to your requirements.

Buy frozen. Frozen berries are cheaper than fresh berries but just as nutritious. Of course, you can enjoy it all year round and don’t have to worry about it going bad.

Buy canned fish. We know we need to eat more fish but it can be very expensive.  Don’t be afraid of good canned fish, it still has all the healthy omega-3s you require. You can warm it up for a lovely dinner or use it in a healthy delicious salad.

Plant your own vegetables. Apart from it being super satisfying, it allows you to save money and eat healthily. Get your friends and neighbours involved and swap out for an even bigger variety.

Learn how to manage your money

We all need some advice when it comes to money.  How to spend it wisely, where to invest and how to save for those rainy days.

You don’t have to pay for professional advice, with a little bit of time and the internet anything is possible. You can research a few tips on how to compile a realistic budget and use the free templates available.  Learn what to look out for when saving and investing your money. There are loads of apps available to guide you and keep your finger on the pulse.

Often a New Year and all the New Year’s resolutions we have set for ourselves are overshadowed by errors we made the year before. Debt especially can rob us of turning that new leaf. If debt is currently absorbing most of your salary and leaving you with little room for anything else, give Debt Rescue a call.

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