The Right Money Moves for Your Budget

“Who ventures to lend, loses money and friend”

~ Dutch Proverb


Everyone’s budget is different. Each person needs to work with the fundamentals surrounding budgeting and tweak it according to their own financial means. Some people have more than one child in the house as well as extended family who they are taking care of. Some people have only one child or perhaps no children and live alone. No budget is the same, as is no one’s life the same.

On top of this we have different salaries, different personalities, different backgrounds. Therefore, dishing out financial advice that will work for thousands of people is impossible. This is why we have chosen to bring you the financial fundamentals through our blog content, social media as well as our new YouTube Channel, Money Moves. Visit our channel here and remember to like, subscribe, and comment. We want to hear your opinion so that we can bring you the best content that there is.

Budget Basics and Your Specific Financial Needs

The budget is not as complicated as it seems. It takes knowledge of the basics and then simple time application and determination to stick to the plans that you put in place. The determination and willpower are one of the biggest setbacks for people who choose to begin budgeting. It is fantastic that you choose to take time to work out and set your budget in place, but it means nothing if you do not carry through with your plans.

Budgeting requires three fundamental amounts to start:

  • Your Income – Money that is paid to you on a constant basis. The same amount each month. Extra money, like passive incomes cannot be determined beforehand, therefore they would not be part of your income amount.
  • Your Expenses – Constant expenses such as water and lights, groceries, school fees etc.
  • Your Debt – Debt repayments to creditors that you have each month.

If you would like to see how to work with the basic budgeting amounts, make sure to watch our YouTube Video here.

Managing Family and Friends

It is important to have complete control over your own money. Whether you are in a relationship, or have others who you are supporting financially, remember that the decisions about your money should be yours alone.

It is a common occurrence for people to be asked to make debt on behalf of others with the promise of repayment. It is also a common occurrence for many people to lend money and never see it returned. If you are working with your budget, and you have money left over which is not part of the savings that you have put aside, then by all means, lend as you see fit.

Do not ever make debt on behalf of someone else, and never lend above your budget means. Why? Because when you are in a financial crisis, it is unlikely that there will be someone as generous as you to help you out. It is perfectly okay to say, “No, I cannot help you financially”. It is also okay to learn to set boundaries and allow people around you to understand that when you say no, it means no.

So many people, the world over, have fallen into the trap of making debt on behalf of others, lending money beyond their means, or lending out their assets, never to see them again. Whether the decisions were made because of love, guilt, pity or kindness, money is not an emotional concept. It requires logic and an iron willpower, something which everyone can learn.


If you have fallen into the trap of lending beyond your means or making debt on behalf of someone else and are now drowning in debt while you are trying to fit the bill. Contact our debt counsellors and find out how they can assist you in managing your money better.

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