How to throw a budget-friendly kid’s birthday party

When did birthday parties become so expensive? Back in the day, kids’ birthday parties included cake, a few snacks, some colourful balloons and some simple, traditional party games, such as three-legged races and musical chairs.

These days, parents organise hired ponies, designer cakes, jumping castles, party packs stuffed with sweets and toys, musicians and more for their kids’ birthday parties – one big recipe for an extremely costly birthday party.

We believe that throwing your kid a special birthday party should not cost you an arm and a leg. With some thoughtful planning, you can throw an amazing birthday party without overspending. Here are our budget-friendly party tips:

Plan ahead

Start planning the birthday party at least 6 weeks in advance so you can look for cool, inexpensive ideas for the party and avoid spending money on last-minute purchases.

Pick the perfect time for a party

The perfect time for a party is from 2 to 5 p.m. This is because guests won’t be expecting lunch or dinner at the party, so you only have to organise snacks and drinks.

Keep your guest list short

Although having lots and lots of kids to your kid’s birthday party may seem like more fun, too many guests can turn the party into a very expensive affair. Only invite your kid’s close friends to ensure fewer party costs and a special time for everyone at the party.

Throw your party at home

Save money on venue costs by throwing your kid’s party at home or at a free venue, such as a nearby park or a friend’s house.

Bake your own birthday cake

Your cake may not turn out as gorgeous as the one you could have bought, but it will definitely be a lot cheaper. Alternatively, you can bake tasty cupcakes, which are easy and affordable to make.

Plan creative entertainment

If you cannot afford to hire an entertainer, a jumping castle or a petting zoo for your kid’s party, then focus on alternative entertainment. An affordable way to entertain kids is by setting up a craft station. You can provide craft materials, such as water paint, paper, glitter, playdough and cookie cutters. This will keep them busy for awhile and give them something creative to take home after the party.

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