How to throw a kid’s birthday party on a budget

Just like weddings and baby showers, kid’s birthday parties are a big business. While birthdays are a big deal for kids, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the occasion a special one. We have put together a few tips to help you throw a party without overspending.

  • Start planning early on. Last minute planning and shopping will end up costing you more. Make sure you start planning in advance so you can compare prices and catch awesome specials before the party.
  • Throw the party after lunchtime. Between 2 pm and 5 pm is the best time to throw a party because you’re not expected to organise a lot of food for everyone. All you have to organise food-wise is snacks and drinks.

    • Don’t hire a venue. Having a party at home will save you money on venue hire, activities and food. Venues charge extra for everything, including simple decorations. If you don’t have enough space to throw a party at home, ask one of your family members or friends if you can use their home.
    • Send digital invites. Instead of wasting time and money on making/ buying and sending hardcopy invites, send an invite via email. There are plenty of free templates on Pinterest you can use for your party invitation.
    • Let your kid choose their theme (if they’re old enough). If your kid chooses a them they like, you can brainstorm ideas for activities, decorate a homemade cake and make party decorations together. This will save you money and make the party a little more personalised.
  • Base the food and decor on the theme. Use the theme of the party to tie everything together, including the invites, food, cake, decor and party favours. And you don’t have to buy themed decor items. For example, if you’re throwing your daughter a Barbie party, you can use a lot of pink and white decor and print pictures and decorations to incorporate the theme into the decor. You can also make cost-friendly themed snacks.
    See examples below:

  • Use what you have. Use your laptop for music for musical chairs or a dance party, use your kid’s gaming system for a video game competition, plan a pool party if you have a pool and plan lots of classical outdoor birthday party games if you have a large yard. Budget-friendly party games include three-legged races, stuck in the mud, musical chairs, musical statues, keep-up-the-balloon, hot potato, Simon says and duck-duck-goose.


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