How to turn your interests into an income

Creating an income for yourself should not only be limited to your monthly pay check.  Earning an additional income will certainly assist with reaching your financial goals faster, whether it is to top up your emergency account, to settle your debt, or even that holiday you’ve been dreaming off. 

Taking on a second job can be exhausting, but when it involves your interests and passions, it becomes so much more enjoyable.

Here are five ideas on how to transform your hobby into an income:

  • Travel consultant
    If you have an absolute passion for travelling and love the whole process of researching places and planning activities why not become a personal travel consultant.  Offer to assist a few friends in establishing yourself, and soon word-of-mouth recommendations will keep you busy. Once you have good referrals, you can also enter the world of online travelling consultant.
  • Stock photography
    If you have a natural talent and love for the world of photography, start selling your images as stock photography.  You can earn a once-off or even contract on a base royalty percentage.  Soon your hobby will be making you loads of extra income.
  • Tutoring
    If you are a guru when it comes to subjects like maths, accounting and language be ready to start sharing your knowledge.  There is a huge demand for expert tutoring on both school and university level. Tutoring can be done both in person or online.  This can even be extended into marking of exam papers so get in touch with your local school, college or university.
  • Instagram Marketing and blogging
    If you are good at sharing your life and ideas on Instagram or other social media pages you can use this to create additional income.  Increase your followers and share interesting topic related information. Businesses are always looking for trendsetters to be associated with and to become ambassadors for their products.
  • Professional Organiser
    If you have a talent to create order out of chaos you are in demand.  Various individuals and companies are more than willing to pay for someone to come in and help them to get their store rooms organised or their filing sorted.  This could range from a once-off clean, setting up the appropriate system to easily maintain this going forward or helping with packing up and settling into new homes or offices. This may be a once-off, or you can set a monthly appointment.

If your additional income is still not enough to get your current debt under control, please give Debt Rescue a call.

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