Update your décor on a shoestring budget

A change is as good as a holiday but don’t despair if your budget doesn’t allow for either.  With a few easy to follow tips, you can spruce up your home to something out of a magazine without breaking the bank. The possibilities are endless, just get started and you will be surprised at what you can achieve with little or no money.

Move around

With décor, nothing is set in stone so don’t be scared to move around your décor items.  There are no rules stating that the bedside lamp cannot be used in your lounge, a gorgeous ceramic jug in the bedroom or an old trunk as the new coffee table.

The baby compactum that is no longer needed in the nursery can be used in the study to keep all the essential paperwork need and tidy, the printer with the spare paper and cartridges and the various plugs and adapters for dad’s gadgets. Alternatively, add new trendy handles and you can use it as a sideboard server on your patio.

Sometimes just moving the same furniture around makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the room.

No budget is required, let the creative juices flow and get moving for a whole new look.


Fashion colour changes with every season but we can’t afford to change the interior of our homes every time.  To keep up with the Jones, use the cheapest and easiest tool available – paint.

Paint can be used on everything, apart from the walls and floors we can use it on any type of surface. The dark wood TV cabinet can be updated to match the new minimal white look.  The old faded lampshades can be painted in a new hue of green, beautiful shaped empty bottles can be painted in light pastel colours and clustered or used as single flower pots. Even the plastic outdoor chairs can be painted to match your new beach style entertainment area.

With a lick of paint, you can change your world without blowing your budget.


Be creative and try out new uses for everyday items.  A clear vase is not only for fresh flowers, you can use it to showcase beautiful shaped leaves, in the kitchen to hold the lemons or keep the lounge neat and tidy with storing the remotes.

Add some glamour to your bathroom with small colourful facecloths rolled up in a gorgeous glass bowl and tea light candles floating on water in a variety of single drinking glasses.  An elegant drinks tray can be used to display all the soap, shampoo’s and creams neatly on the counter.  A nice grass basket can be used for the spare toilet rolls and towels and a ceramic jug can be used to keep the hairbrushes or even toothbrushes together.

In the study, you can use a bright red cup or a colourful pot holder to hold your stationery and a gift box for all the paperwork and slips before you get to file it.

Want your pantry to look good enough for Pinterest?  A leading instant coffee brand uses the most gorgeous glass jars as their packaging.  Once emptied clean off the label, add your own quirky blackboard sticker and voila – a pantry every MasterChef can be proud of.

When entertaining think of interesting ways to dish up your snacks and side dishes.  A small sherry glass looks very stylish with some colourful olives or even a pate. An odd soup mug or bowl can be used to serve the tomato and onion relish or the homemade dip for the chips.  

Many retailers sell the left over from crockery ranges at a discounted price to clear stock. Don’t be afraid to buy a pretty single plate or bowl and use it as serving plates.

You’ve got all these items, just use them in a creative way and your budget will stay intact.

Swap out

You’ve moved around, repurposed and painted but you still can’t finalise the look you are after?  Why not swap out your items with your family and friends. This can include furniture pieces and accessories. Swap your red scatter cushions and throws for a royal blue comforter and bright yellow cushions, for a total different look and not a cent spent.

If no swap outs are available amongst your family and friends don’t hesitate to have a look at your local classifieds, second-hand stores or craft markets. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and music to your budget ears.

So, you’re pleased with what you have achieved in your home but you still feel miserable about your debt, let Debt Rescue assist and bring back the colour in your life.

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