Valentine’s Day – 5 Ways to Stop Cupid’s Arrow from Getting You into Debt

Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on us. From pricey dinners, a dozen roses to expensive gifts. We want to show our loved ones that our love for them is endless.  But what if your bank account isn’t?

Don’t worry. There is more than one way to show your special someone just how much you love them. You can still treat them to something special – without whipping out the credit card. By using a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can still have an incredible day (and evening) without completely breaking the bank.

We have put together 5 awesome ways to treat your Valentine this year:

1. A Romantic Dinner for Two

Valentines day meals

Who says a Valentine’s Day meal at home is boring? You can get creative with even the simplest of meals. Add a touch of sparkle to your drinks with a raspberry champagne float. Or how about some heart shaped pizza or toppings… Or is this too cheesy?

A meal for two at home can easily be done on a budget when you put some care and attention into it. And don’t forget to set the scene. Candlelight can do wonders for creating the perfect atmosphere (and you’ll save a bit on the electricity bill… if Eskom isn’t helping you already. Just kidding of course!).

2. The Game of Love

Valentines day games

Want something fun to do together after a lovely meal? How about Jenga, with a love-ly twist… Or a puzzle, with a secret hidden message… Or a game of cards, where your pair is dealt 52 reasons why you love them. Either way, your evening can be fun, romantic and unique.

3. Roses Might Be Red, but a Potted Plant Lasts Longer

Valentines day plants

Instead of splashing out on a dozen roses, look out for a beautiful plant to symbolise your everlasting love. If you both enjoy cooking together, you could get some of your partners favourite potted herbs instead.

A plant is something you can both cherish for a long time. And to add that special touch… decorate the pot. You’d be surprised what you can do with a few markers and a little bit of creativity.

4. Find an Adventure

Valentines day adventure

Sometimes the best memories you’ll have together are those where you’re out doing something adventurous. Pack a picnic and go for a long nature walk. Discover waterfalls and take a dip together in an undiscovered rock pool.

Don’t feel like walking or hiking? Then, how about spending a night under the stars together. South Africa has some amazingly affordable campsites where you can still enjoy nature. Plus, nothing quite beats a toasty fire with some marshmallows.

And if walking, nature or spending the night outdoors isn’t really your thing, find free museums or check out some local events in your area. Here are some great museums located all over South Africa to get you started…

5. Share the Love

Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day is by doing for others. Why not spend a day together helping out at your local animal shelter? Or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Although the bank balance may be a bit low this year, there will always be those in need. Nothing bonds a couple together like helping the less fortunate…

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a wonderful time of celebrating love even if it’s on a shoestring budget.

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