Ways To Save On Household Cleaning Products

The weekly grocery budget is instantly blown out of proportion the moment you have to stock up on laundry detergent and other household cleaning products. Although cleaning products are often a grudge purchase, it is unfortunately unavoidable. However, with these practical tips you can save money and help your products last longer.

  • Always measure – Only use enough detergent, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, bleach etc. for the task at hand. When measuring with your eye you are almost always using too much. Read the instructions carefully and measure the exact amount. You’ll be surprised at how long a bottle of product can last. And the longer it lasts the better for your pocket.
  • Spray on the cloth not the surface – Don’t spray your cleaning product directly on the surface you want to clean, but instead spray it onto the cloth you are using. This way you won’t use too much and you’ll be able to cover a wider area with less product.
  • Simplify your needs – There is a specialist product for literally every surface in and outside the home. But do you really need so many? Rather invest in buying a good multi-purpose cleaner in bulk, and one or two specialist products you really need.
  • Make your ownVinegar, baking soda and lemon have exceptional cleaning properties. Making your own cleaning products from items like these are not only more cost-effective by healthier to the environment too. Research a few cleaning product recipes and make your own.

Want to stretch your laundry detergent? Try this handy tip:
Dissolve a
bar of laundry soap in two cups of hot water. Wait until it has completely dissolved and cooled down, and then mix with your regular liquid detergent.

  • Clean and clear regularly – By regularly cleaning your home it will be easier to maintain and you won’t need specialists heavy-duty cleaners to do the job. Getting in the habit of clearing your home of clutter also leaves you with less to clean.

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