Winter fashion tips on a shoestring budget

Winter has arrived, and that means the summer clothes are moved out of the closets to make space for the winter outfits. Updating your wardrobe to better-fitted clothes and newer fashions can be an expensive exercise.

Don’t lose hope, here are a few fashion tips to help you update your wardrobe and not ruin your budget:

  1. Wear more layers
    By wearing more layers, you keep warm, and you can also adjust your outfit according to how the weather changes during the day.
  2. Upscale your budget buys
    Have a look out for good budget buys from a chain store. Upscale and personalise your outfit with new buttons and new belts.
  3. Buy quality basics
    Do invest in a few good quality basic items that will remain in style for a few seasons.  Update to the latest fashion trends with cheaper items.
  4. Buy second hand
    Keep a look out for good second-hand stores.  You will be surprised at the good quality items you can pick up for a steal, especially gorgeous jackets and coats.
  5. Buy Black
    Black items always look more stylish, and the dark colour hides the tell-tale sign of cheap.  Black is always in fashion as well.
  6. Accessories
    Handbags with embellishments are harder to keep in good nick and outdates easier. Choose a good solid bag with less or no embellishments. Choose good quality scarfs with multiple colours and designs so you can add it to any of our outfits.
  7. Invest in a steamer/good iron and a fabric shaver
    Wrinkled clothes is a quick way to look cheap, and your fabric shaver will ensure your knitted pieces always looks new.
  8. Plan your wardrobe
    Have a look at what you have and make a list of the items you need before you go shopping.  Stick to your list and don’t get caught up in the gorgeous items available in the shops.
  9. Sell what you don’t wear
    Sell any items that you don’t wear and is still in good condition. This way you make some extra cash to spend on the new items you need and you decluttering as well.

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