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Sequestration explained

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What is Sequestration?

Debt Rescue is a multi-award-winning company, with a focus on rehabilitating deeply indebted consumers with the best remedy available, providing tailor-made solutions for each unique situation.

Sequestration is a process of voluntary surrendering your estate. Sequestration gives you freedom from creditor harassment, and the fear of impending repossession and even worse, the sheriff arriving at your house.

The Benefits of Sequestration are:

  • You do not pay any creditors directly
  • Your salary is still your own
  • You will have an affordable monthly repayment plan
  • Legal action is prevented
  • Creditors can no longer demand payment from you
  • Your salary cannot be attached, and if you have a “garnishee order”, it must be cancelled
  • Once your application for sequestration is granted your credit record is cleared of judgments
  • Your employer is not informed, only your credit providers
  • You can start afresh

Sequestration is a personal process, and it is always better to consult with a specialist.

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