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NATIONAL NEWS – South Africans have been urged to start budgeting, with Debt Rescue saying about 50 percent of consumers are already about three months behind in their repayments of at least one account. Interest rates have increased, food prices are going up and this week the National Energy Regulator (Nersa) announced that electricity prices… Continued

CAPE TOWN – Some economists have warned matriculants who fail to get into higher education institutions may struggle to find jobs. The country’s difficult economic climate won’t make it easy for school-leavers to find employment. The national matric pass rate for 2015 will be revealed this evening. Debt Rescue’s Neil Roets says, “According to the… Continued

Economists say many people started the New Year in debt and must save as much money as possible. With economists predicting a tough economic climate for 2016, South Africans have been urged to tighten their belts, even further and try to save as much money as possible. Debt management company Debt Rescue says many people… Continued

JOHANNESBURG – As South African consumers face price hikes in electricity, fuel and groceries, there are warnings that people are increasingly borrowing money to make ends meet. A new report by the World Bank suggests South Africans are the biggest borrowers in the world. The Global Findex database report shows 86 percent of South Africans… Continued

Gauteng residents are in for a rough ride with e-tolls, electricity hikes & now a petrol price increase. JOHANNESBURG – With fuel prices increasing this morning, economists have again warned tough times lie ahead for consumers, especially Gauteng residents. Coupled with e-tolling, a hike in electricity tariffs and a possible interest rate rise later in… Continued

JOHANNESBURG – Economists say South African households are still battling and the drop in the petrol price will bring little relief. The Department of Energy announced on Friday that the petrol price will go down by 28 cents a litre from Wednesday while the price of diesel will drop between 15 cents and 17 cents… Continued

JOHANNESBURG – Concerns have been raised that the imminent implementation of e-tolling could see a spike in the number of South Africans seeking debt counselling and could push middle class families into poverty. President Jacob Zuma has now signed into law a bill which frees up the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) to… Continued

JOHANNESBURG – Debt counselling firm Debt Rescue expects more newly arrived middle class consumers may be pushed back into poverty by the hefty fuel price increase effective from Wednesday. The energy department has announced the petrol price is going up 32 cents a litre, while diesel will cost 33 cents more. Debt rescue CEO Neil… Continued

CAPE TOWN – A national debt counselling company said more young people were seeking help for debt-related issues. A recent survey revealed that 18 to 25-year-olds, especially students, are being given credit cards by merely furnishing proof that they receive a steady income of R200 per month. According to the study, student debt has more… Continued

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