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A Fin24 reader who managed to settle all her debt wants to know how she should go about fixing her bad credit score. She writes: Most of my accounts were handed over to collection companies about three years ago. I have tried paying off or settling all of them and have finally managed to break… Continued

The fuel price has a considerable knock-on effect on the cost of living as so much depends on fuel, not least the transportation of goods which is immediately felt on consumers’ pockets. So with a 91 cents increase coming into effect from August 4th for petrol and 55,58 cents for diesel, consumers need to once again… Continued

A Fin24 reader currently under debt review wants to know if it is possible to get a loan. She writes: I’m under debt review; is it possible to get a loan? Neil Roets, Founder and CEO of Debt Rescue, responds: Debt counselling is a process whereby an over-indebted person repays their debt in a manner that… Continued

Suid-Afrikaners is in ’n skuldsmoorgreep. Volgens die Experian South Africa’s Consumer Default Index beloop verbruikerskuld tans R1,9 biljoen (“trillion”), terwyl Trading Economics berig dat ons skuld-tot-inkomste-koers ’n astronomiese 77% beloop. Volgens DebtBusters, een van die land se grootste skuldberadingsgroepe, betaal mense wat aansoek doen vir skuldberading en meer as R20 000 per maand verdien, meer… Continued

Extraordinary increases could be the final straw for many MANY Durban residents cracking under immense financial pressure because of salary reductions and job losses since the start of Covid face “consumer carnage” as a slew of increases came into effect on Thursday. Late yesterday, eThekwini Municipality spokesperson Mandla Nsele confirmed the city would extend its… Continued

As if there were not enough headaches to contend with already – think the revised adjusted lockdown level 4, extraordinary icy conditions, intermittent load-shedding, rising CPI and renewed job losses in the hospitality, alcohol and restaurant industries – South Africans will need to brace themselves for more bad news. This as utility and fuel prices… Continued

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