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South African employees are taking second jobs and resorting to expensive short-term loans just to make it through the month, a new survey reveals. Most employees surveyed were unable to make their income last even until month-end. Emergency expenses, such as car repairs and unforeseen medical bills, accounted for 31% of respondents’ additional funding needs.… Continued

This webinar was hosted by Debt Rescue and the Mail & Guardian. It featured, from Debt Rescue, Neil Roets, Founder and CEO; Annaline van der Poel, COO; and Pascal Sinclair, Chief Relations Officer. Arecent poll run by Debt Rescue found that 85% of South Africans have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis, and only 11% said… Continued

A new survey by debt counselling firm Debt Rescue released on Monday found that 85 percent of South Africans needed help either financially, emotionally, or both as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. South Africa entered a national lockdown on March 26 in response to the pandemic. From June 1 the national restrictions were lowered… Continued

“The measures are too stringent and could bleed the economy to death.” Although some economic activities were resumed under level 4 of the lockdown, this was not enough to save jobs and put food on the table. This was the view of Debt Rescue CEO Neil Roets. Level 4 has seen some businesses such as… Continued

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