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Judgment to benefit the poor Siseko Njobeni THE CONSTITUTIONAL Court judgment on garnishee orders was likely to reduce the risk appetite of lenders and could see “risky” individuals struggle to obtain finance, Fincheck chief executive, Mi­chael Bowren said yesterday On Tuesday the court ruled that aspects of the enforcement of garnishee orders were un­constitutional. Various… Continued

A FUEL price drop is expected next week. Motorists and logistics companies are to have some relief as the petrol price is ex­pected to drop by an estimated 60c and the drop in the price of diesel is to be between 6c and 10c a litre. Neil Roets, Debt Rescue chief executive, said had fi­nance… Continued

Government revenues will, however, continue to remain vulnerable to a further deterioration in economic conditions IN ADDRESSING the persis­tent budget deficits, as ex­pected, a combination of in­creased taxes and cost containment has been pro­posed, with forecasts of a reduction in the budget deficit to 2.4 percent in 2019. With respect to increased revenue, the implications… Continued

Shain Germaner ECONOMISTS are divided on exactly how badly the repo rate hikes will affect the average South African in debt, although a few are saying that yesterday’s hike is good news. Yesterday afternoon the SA Reserve Bank announced it would increase the repo rate by 50 basis points. According to the bank’s governor, Lesetja… Continued

The price of most fuels is set to fall on Wednesday, due to the drop in the international prices of petroleum products overweighing the weakening of the rand against the US dollar. The wholesale price of diesel, 0.05 percent sulphur and 0.005 percent sulphur, would decrease by 76 cents a litre and 78c a litre,… Continued

Debt Counselling aims to help over-indebted consumers get out of the debt trap. When I was in high school, the father of a close friend of mine shot him­self dead at home. My schoolmates and I found it dif­ficult to understand why he had done this — he’d always seemed so upbeat about life, and… Continued

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