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Use Debt Rescue’s free online debt calculator and find out how much you can save on your debt instalments every month.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the above calculation is done based on the information provided by you. When going under debt review your saving might slightly differ from the amount above, as the amounts provided by your credit providers might differ from the amounts provided by you.

What Is An Online Debt Calculator?

An online debt calculator helps you to calculate all of your debt instalments and determine whether you are over indebted. In addition to this, our calculator will indicate how much you would be able to save monthly once we renegotiate your debt for you.

How Can Our Online Debt Calculator Help You?

Our online debt calculator will give you an indication if debt counselling is for you. If you are going through financial turmoil and too much of your salary is going toward paying off debt, this online tool can give you a glimpse of the relief you can experience through debt counselling.