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Cancellations to hit pockets in showbiz As more and more events get cancelled and postponed, the public is starting to feel the effects of the coronavirus. After President Cyril Ramaphosa’s official declaration of a national disaster, the organisers of a number of major events have announced their cancellations.  In light of the banning of large… Continued

FUEL: Price increase to affect the poor most Already cash strapped consumers will have to dig deeper into their pockets as petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin are set to increase by 74c, 91c – 93c and 76c respectively at midnight tonight. This, coupled with the carbon tax (9c a litre from June 1) and other… Continued

More belt-tightening for consumers Already cash-strapped consumers will have to dig deeper into their pockets as petrol, diesel and illuminating paraffin are set to increase by 75c, 93c and 76c respectively at midnight. This, coupled with the carbon tax (9c a litre), which comes into effect on June 1, is expected to add another 30c… Continued

MORE steep petrol prices could be in store for motorists next month, while road users woke up to record-breaking fuel prices today. This was the view of experts yesterday when they predicted a further 25¢hike next month. Efficient Group economist Dawie Roodt predicted a 25¢ increase for August, adding that this could be greater if the… Continued

STAFF REPORTER A RAPIDLY growing number of South Africans are getting into financial trouble by “investing” in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple. Neil Roets, the chief executive of debt counselling company Debt Rescue, says he was amazed when people driven to the brink of bankruptcy because they had bought into get-rich-quick schemes involving cryptocurrencies… Continued

South Africans have been warned to brace themselves for tough times in the new year. Debt Rescue chief executive Neil Roets has cautioned consumers to enjoy the festive season responsibly and not get in debt. He said major price increases are predicted for food and essential items due to the slow economic growth rate. Roets… Continued

THE LATEST fuelprice hikes will have a big impact on over- indebted consumers, who are advised to budget, plan trips and use public transport if pos­sible, say experts. After a smaller fuelprice increase last month, motorists will pay 45c a litre more for petrol and 63c more for diesel from mid­night tonight. Avhapfani Tshifularo, the… Continued

FROM MIDNIGHT tonight, con­sumers will pay more for fuel and should brace themselves for fur­ther increases, including in meat prices, by the end of the year, experts say. The price of petrol will increase by 44 cents a litre and diesel by 22 cents. Gwarega Mangozhe, the chief executive of the Consumer Goods Council of… Continued

Judgment to benefit the poor Siseko Njobeni THE CONSTITUTIONAL Court judgment on garnishee orders was likely to reduce the risk appetite of lenders and could see “risky” individuals struggle to obtain finance, Fincheck chief executive, Mi­chael Bowren said yesterday On Tuesday the court ruled that aspects of the enforcement of garnishee orders were un­constitutional. Various… Continued

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