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In spite of the huge number of Covid-related job losses and resulting failute of thousands of South Africans to keep up with their credit payments, the big banks are looking remarkably steady.

The highly controversial debt relief hill has pushed hope into the arms of over-indebted low-income earners and the unemployed. Nevertheless, consumers shouldn’t celebrate too soon. The bill may cause severe consequences for the working class…  South African’s have been struggling for a while to keep their heads above water. With rising unemployment rates, the continuous… Continued

SOUTH Africans are renowned for being big spenders and not savers, and the trend spells a dire future for many individuals. As a nation, SA has been dissaving since 2005. Alarmingly, the net savings ratio (household savings as a percent of disposable income) is now running at -2,3%. The situation is a far cry from… Continued

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