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Cape Town – Although the decrease in fuel prices from today will bring some relief to deeply indebted consumers, it will be short-lived as VAT will increase next month. The Department of Energy announced last week that as from today the price of petrol will drop by 36 cents a litre and diesel by between […]

Durban – Good news for consumers as the price of petrol is set to drop by 36c a litre at midnight on Tuesday. However, the fuel levy of 52c a litre will still be introduced on April 1. Andre Venter, spokesperson of the trade union United Association of South Africa (UASA) said the drop of […]

Durban – Economists have predicted a large drop in fuel prices by July as the international oil price remains depressed. Independent economist Dawie Roodt said on Monday he expected the petrol price to decline by between 60 and 64 cents a litre, while diesel could drop by about 60 cents a litre. “The rand has […]

DURBAN – Motorists can expect fuel prices to fall sharply in July. This is the result of a resilient rand declining oil price, economists say. Economist Dawie Roodt expects the petrol price to decline between 60 and 64 cents a litre in July, with diesel dropping by around 60 a litre. “The rand has remained […]

Recommendations by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) that the National Credit Act be amended to allow the minister to prescribe debt relief measures (debt forgiveness) to over-indebted households poses a major threat to the finance sector. In a discussion document presented to Parliament, MacDonald Netshitenzhe, acting deputy director-general at the consumer and corporate […]

Johannesburg – South Africa’s downgrade to junk could see petrol going up by at least 40c a litre next month. This is according to Neil Roets, CEO of debt counselling firm Debt Rescue, who says the increase will have an immediate impact on the price of virtually all goods and services. Earlier this month, Fitch […]

Motorists should brace for a significant increase in the price of fuel from the beginning of May, with mid-month data from the Department of Energy so far pointing to a petrol price hike of around 55 cents a litre, while diesel costs could increase by approximately 39 c/l. The fuel hikes will likely be the […]

Johannesburg – Any fuel price relief from next month is likely to be limited as a weak rand and rising oil prices are likely to send the price at the pumps higher by the festive season. According to the Central Energy Fund’s latest figures, released on Wednesday, the South African government is overrecovering by between […]

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