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The announcement by the Reserve Bank that it was increasing the repo interest rate by .5% coming on top of proposed 8% increases in electricity rates is going to have a devastating impact on consumers. There is also a strong likelihood that South Africa’s staple food – maize meal – may increase by as much… Continued

Amendments to the National Credit (NCA), gazetted on Friday, will make it impossible for unscrupulous debt collectors to collect debt that had prescribed (expired). The changes to the act will mean that if a consumer had not acknowledged a debt for more than three consecutive years either verbally or in writing the debt was considered… Continued

Thousands of middle class consumers who were able to work their way up from dire poverty thanks to their involvement with Lonmin by providing goods and services to the mining giant as well as to the 80 000 miners are facing bankruptcy because of the protracted miners’ strike. Neil Roets, CEO of Debt Rescue, one… Continued

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