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Consumers and credit providers should be cautiousabout misinterpreting a High Court judgment scrapping proof-of-income requirements, reports THERE was mixed reaction to the Western Cape High Court judgment in March scrapping a subsection of the National Credit Act (NCA) that required lenders to obtain documentary proof of income, such as payslips and three months’ bank statements, as… Continued

THE decision by the South African Reserve Bank on Thursdayto keep the repo rate steady at 6.75%, as well as the expected decrease in the price of petrol and diesel, will give deeply indebted consumers a welcome break after the body blows of last year’s string of downgrades and fuel price increases. Neil Roets, CEO… Continued

STAFF REPORTER A RAPIDLY growing number of South Africans are getting into financial trouble by “investing” in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple. Neil Roets, the chief executive of debt counselling company Debt Rescue, says he was amazed when people driven to the brink of bankruptcy because they had bought into get-rich-quick schemes involving cryptocurrencies… Continued

NEXT week’s 93 cents fuel-price drop will be a much-needed post-Christmas present for cash-strapped consumers. This is according to the AA, which yesterday said the price drop would be a great relief for motorists. The comment comes after the Department of Energy yesterday announced that the price of all grades of petrol would drop by… Continued

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