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Debt Rescue has predicated the recall of processed meats could have financial implications for poor South Africans. Debt Rescue says the recall of processed meats will have dire consequences for stokvels and the poor of the country. The production of polony, russians, cold meats, viennas and other processed meats have been stopped at three major… Continued

Are your employees financially stressed? According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), one in four employees is diagnosed with depression. Our workforce is stressed and depressed mainly due to job shortages, economic instability and inflation rates. It’s important for workers to be mentally healthy in the workplace as depression has a negative… Continued

Bunny Majaja interviews Annaline van der Poel from Debt Rescue Bunny Majaja from HOT 91.9 FM (NSBC Media Partner) interviews Annaline van der Poel from Debt Rescue. Anneline talks about how to deal with your debt and debt counseling – what it really means and how it can help you get your head back above water. Listen to the full… Continued

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