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Suid-Afrikaners is in ’n skuldsmoorgreep. Volgens die Experian South Africa’s Consumer Default Index beloop verbruikerskuld tans R1,9 biljoen (“trillion”), terwyl Trading Economics berig dat ons skuld-tot-inkomste-koers ’n astronomiese 77% beloop. Volgens DebtBusters, een van die land se grootste skuldberadingsgroepe, betaal mense wat aansoek doen vir skuldberading en meer as R20 000 per maand verdien, meer… Continued

It can be difficult to save money while you’re paying off all your debt accounts. You’re trying your best to manage your finances but nothing seems to work. Something always seems to get in the way — your car might need a service or you’ve got unexpected medical bills. These unexpected expenses can prevent you… Continued

From personal loans, student debt, credit card debt, short-term loans and the list go on. Being in the red is not good for your mental health. According to The South African Depression and Anxiety Group suicide rates, particularly among retrenched South African men, are rising because of despair over spiralling debt, say financial and telephone,… Continued

Debt counselling, or debt review, was introduced by the National Credit Act (NCA) in 2007 to help over-indebted consumers with their debt. The process was established to prevent consumers from being blacklisted. With debt counselling, you can legally reduce your monthly instalments through an affordable repayment plan as agreed to by your creditors.  Debt counselling… Continued

The pandemic has left a lot of South Africans without a job or severe salary cuts. This has caused tremendous pressure on consumers’ financial situation. A recent study by Deloitte has found that South Africans are more concerned about their personal finances than getting coronavirus. According to the study, financial stress was a main driver… Continued

Debt has become an intrinsic part of our lives. And getting out of debt may seem impossible at times. A recent study found that consumers with more than R20 000 take-home income per month are paying more than 60% to service their debt.  Many consumers have turned to their credit cards when purchasing monthly groceries.… Continued

Living with debt these days has become the norm. But we forget the impact that debt has on our lives, especially when we have too much debt. Studies have shown that mental health and financial health are intertwined. Too much debt can cause unnecessary stress, personal problems and even lead to depression.  While it’s easy… Continued

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