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Does Debt Review Hurt Your Credit Score? Dealing with debt is daunting! But debt review offers an affordable way to get out of debt, once and for all, while providing immediate financial relief. It’s a common concern among many South Africans that going under debt review could potentially negatively affect their credit score. Don’t let […]

Debt doesn’t just affect your finances, it impacts every aspect of your life. For South Africans caught in this predicament, understanding the role of a debt review court order can be the first step towards a brighter financial future. What Is a Debt Review Court Order?  At its core, it’s a court-approved repayment plan to […]

For many South African homeowners, the financial strain of meeting monthly home loan repayments is a daunting challenge. This struggle often leads to the risk of default, threatening the loss of their homes and adding to the stress and uncertainty of financial instability. For households already navigating the tightrope of budgeting for essentials such as […]

For many South Africans, debt is not just a number on a balance sheet. It is a neverending force that impacts every facet of life. The relentless pressure of debt is not just a financial burden, but a constant emotional ordeal that weighs heavily on our shoulders every day. For many, stretching every rand means […]

If you find it hard to cover all your monthly bills and debt repayments, it might be a clear sign you’re over-indebted. Managing daily expenses becomes a challenge when too much of your income goes towards paying off debt. Being over-indebted can trigger overwhelming stress and anxiety, as individuals grapple with debt and high repayments […]

Debt can feel like a never-ending cycle, leaving you feeling helpless and stressed. It’s crucial to understand your current situation. Here’s where the Debt Rescue Online Debt Calculator comes in handy. This free and confidential tool helps you assess your financial health and determine if debt rescue might be the right path for you. Here’s […]

When we build a house, we do not ask a baker to build the foundation. Nor would we attempt to build the foundation ourselves. Just so, debt counsellors are extensively and continuously trained under strict regulations to formulate the best possible path forward for you to become debt free. Debt counselling is a legal process […]

Millions of South Africans grapple with unimaginable debt. You are not alone. Financial and personal repercussions can be severe, leading to significant stress and uncertainty. However, South Africans who have engaged in the debt review process have a layer of protection that can prevent such dire outcomes. Debt review, a process governed by the National […]

Debt review, also known as debt counselling, is a tailored process aimed at helping individuals who are heavily indebted to manage and repay their debts in an affordable manner. This process effectively consolidates all your debts into a single, reduced monthly payment, providing a protective shield against adverse actions from creditors, such as repossession of […]

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