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So you’re done with school and it’s time for the big leagues, university or college. By now you’ve probably looked at all the different campuses and you’re excited about the future. But there’s one problem, you don’t have the cash to pay for tertiary education. Although you have a few options, student loans are widely… Continued

Many South Africans experience January as the longest month of the year. After receiving the last pay cheque of the year in mid-December, most of us struggle to make it last for almost two months. Which makes January a very stressful month. Keep reading to find what our top survival tips for the Januworry blues.… Continued

If you’re already struggling with debt, over-spending this festive season is the last thing you need. And when anxiety kicks in, we tend to spend even more as a result. How do you cope with the financial stress that comes with the festive season? Christmas is a time most of us look forward to enjoying.… Continued

Your credit score could be the most important number connected to your name. The three-digit number contains information that shows how well you manage your credit. And creditors like to use this number to weigh you up against other consumers. They use this information to predict whether you’ll be a good or bad consumer. How… Continued

Black Friday finally opens its doors to great deals. We’ve been eagerly waiting for the biggest shopping day of the year. Those who can afford to spend and even those who can’t afford it, eagerly wait for the doors to open. How should you spend your money this Black Friday if you can’t resist the… Continued

Most of us don’t like budgeting, to be honest, it’s boring and we usually don’t stick to them. Essentially, budgeting is simply a fourth-grade math problem. But the tricky part is sticking to the budget. A budget is nothing but a simple spending plan that helps you prioritise your money. So, how do you create… Continued

With South Africa still suffering from high unemployment rates, we have to do what we can to survive. And that means bringing in some extra money. A lot of people are trying to find ways to establish some financial security just in case something goes wrong. Making money on the side can be challenging. Working… Continued

It depends on a few factors. What life stage you’re in, your spending habits, your goals, your job stability, your financial obligations and so on. If you’re like most South Africans, you have debt. Having some debt is fine – having debt can even be healthy if your debt is connected to your goals, like… Continued

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