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Education is expensive. Although some families are lucky enough to save for education, it’s not always enough. Majority of students have to pay their own way through university or college. And starting a career with a ton of debt is not ideal. Pay off your student loan like a boss and build a stronger financial position for… Continued

Sometimes it’s easier to start exercising with a gym buddy and stokvels are similar. They allow you to save money in a group. If you find it difficult to put money away each month, stokvels may be the perfect way to get you started. What is a stokvel and how do they work?  Stokvels have… Continued

In 2017 Grant Sabatier made headlines with his “$2.26 to millionaire in 5 years” story. From being broke and moving back in with his parents, it took Grant only 5 years to become a millionaire. We like to think if Grant can do it, so can you. Nothing is stopping you from achieving your goals,… Continued

If you’re stressed out because of money, it’s okay. You’re not alone. Studies have shown that the average person experiences 4 stressful life events each year. Those could include ending a marriage, not being able to provide for kids or being over-indebted. These are all very stressful experiences. The study found that money was the main driver for being stressed out.… Continued

The perfect Valentine’s Day can be a bit overwhelming. So we decided to step in as a loyal wingman and help you sweep your loved one off their feet. Here are our 7 affordable Valentine’s Day ideas. Food-lovers  1. Go on a food/drink tour  These days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to tours.… Continued

Financial planning will help you determine your financial goals and create a plan to achieve those goals. But most importantly, a great plan will teach you the right spending habits that will help you build and maintain wealth. Planning will ensure that you live within your means and while building a cosy retirement for yourself.… Continued

When looking for your next property investment, the township property market may not jump to mind. But you could be missing out on an opportunity. Townships are becoming more sophisticated and ultimately transforming themselves from little townships to fully functioning suburbs. What makes the township property market so appealing and how do you get a piece of the action? … Continued

Studies have shown that South Africans spend, on average, 63% of their after-tax income on debt. That’s pretty shocking. Spending most of our income on debt means that we have less to spend on the things that matter most. While consolidation loans may seem like a great idea, the long-term effects are not worth it.  The… Continued

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