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The year 2016 holds a dire outlook for consumers, debt experts warned on Monday. Referring to building cost pressures on severely strained consumers, DebtSafe MD Wikus Olivier told Fin24 their only means of survival will be to adopt and cultivate a simpler lifestyle. Over and above the usual factors that impact consumers’ pockets, such as […]

The fuel price is expected to go down by 49 cents a litre and the price of diesel by 70c/litre in August. Earlier this week, the Automobile Association of SA (AA) said that in terms of current data it expects the petrol price to decrease by up to 49c/litre, the price of diesel by about […]

“If the decision by Nersa was to grant Eskom’s request for a 25% rate increase, it would have added to the financial strains of consumers, especially in light of all the other price increases, like the petrol price increase, the increase in municipal rates and the increase in interest rates that will most probably take […]

n a statement, Roets said: “The present combination of economic factors is going to severely impact on consumers, many of whom are already deeply indebted.” Roets said that every commodity consumed in the country was transported by road, and the 49 cents a litre increase in the diesel price is going to impact directly on […]

Nersa said it would announce its decision on whether it will authorise Eskom’s application to hike tariffs by a total of 25.3% on June 29 2015. “The tariff increases by municipalities will further add to the pressure on the small business sector, which is already struggling,” warned AHi CEO Christo van der Rheede. The AHi […]

The R1.62 a litre increase in the price of 95 octane fuel together with the 14.25% increase in electricity tariffs for municipal users could drive South Africa into a full-blown recession. Independent economist Dawie Roodt said this was the largest fuel increase in history and was going to hit consumers like a ton of bricks. […]

The proposed 80.5c/litre increase in fuel price levies from April 1 nnounced in the budget, combined with the 96c/litre price increase on Wednesday, is bad news for deeply indebted consumers. Neil Roets CEO of Debt Rescue, one of the largest debt management companies in South Africa, said the overall increase of around R1.70/litre increase coupled […]

The largest petrol price drop yet scheduled for Wednesday will see 95 octane petrol drop by R1.23 a litre while 93 octane will decrease by R1.27 a litre. The price of diesel will decrease by between R1.04 and R1.05 per litre. Neil Roets CEO of Debt Rescue, one of the largest debt management companies in […]

Two of South Africa’s top economist are predicting that the rand may slide as low as R11.60 or weaker to the dollar in the near future which is going to have a severe impact on everything from the price of food to imported vehicles. Independent economists Dawie Roodt and Brenthurst Wealth Management investment strategist Mike […]

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