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Johannesburg – While there’s some good news expected at the petrol pumps next Wednesday, it will be short lived and the outlook for consumers is grim. According to Neil Roets, CEO of debt management company Debt Rescue, the pending decrease could be of a limited nature because of the hammering the rand has taken. The… Continued

Johannesburg – Motorists can now enjoy some extra cash in their pockets thanks to the drop in petrol price which will be effective from midnight. The Department of Energy announced that all grades of petrol would cost 51 cents less a litre, while consumers would have to fork out just 75 cents less for a… Continued

Johannesburg – A pending decrease in the price of fuel is good news for heavily indebted consumers, although the cheer may be short-lived, according to debt management company Debt Rescue. CEO Neil Roets says consumers must be aware that other economic indicators remained largely negative. “It is belt tightening time for the storm that might… Continued

Durban – Granting Eskom’s request to hike the price of electricity by a further 12.61 percent would have a “devastating” effect on the South African economy, analysts have warned. This comes as the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) revealed it would decide by the end of this week whether to grant the embattled… Continued

Johannesburg – A fuel price decrease will lighten the burden for heavily-indebted South Africans, a debt management firm said on Monday. “South Africa is a deeply indebted country with the total consumer debt totalling R1.47 trillion,” Debt Rescue chief executive Neil Roets said in a statement. The decrease, announced by the energy department on Friday,… Continued

Cape Town – About the time the shops start filling with tinsel and other Christmassy trinkets, my inbox fills up with e-mails from people complaining about being harassed, out of the blue, by debt collectors demanding that they pay a seemingly “thumb-sucked” amount. Can collectors contact you many years after you last had dealings with… Continued

Johannesburg – A poll conducted by one of South Africa’s largest credit management companies revealed that many indebted consumers believed their debt was going to be wiped out on April 1 thanks to the credit amnesty introduced by the government. Neil Roets, the chief executive of Debt Rescue, said more than one third of the… Continued

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