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It was high time that the National Credit Regulator (NCR) acted against reckless credit providers because of the growing role these financial institutions played in exacerbating over indebtedness of consumers country wide. The National Credit Regulator (NCR) has announced that it has referred 13 (thirteen) credit providers to the National Consumer Tribunal (Tribunal) in the… Continued

If President Jacob Zuma were to be believed things have never looked rosier in South Africa and he was much beloved by the masses of South Africans who believed he was doing an outstanding job. Delivering his State of the Nation address to parliament, he conceded that the ongoing drought was a problem but he… Continued

There may be major negative unintended consequences to credit amnesty The near-certain decision by government to introduce a second “credit amnesty” after the spectacular failure of the first one in 2006-2007, will only provide temporary relief to deeply indebted consumers and drive many into even more profound indebtedness requiring debt counselling. Although the envisaged amnesty… Continued

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