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The price of most fuels is set to fall on Wednesday, due to the drop in the international prices of petroleum products overweighing the weakening of the rand against the US dollar. The wholesale price of diesel, 0.05 percent sulphur and 0.005 percent sulphur, would decrease by 76 cents a litre and 78c a litre,… Continued

THE Reserve Bank’s latest rate hike of 25 basis points will leave consumers with less jingle in their pockets this festive season, say experts. The bank announced yesterday that interest rates would increase 25 basis points, bringing the repo rate to 6.25% and the prime lending rate to 9.75%. The rate rises would hit consumers… Continued

THE rise in electricity tariffs and an almost certain rate hike by the Reserve Bank later in the year were going to have a devastating impact on consumers, the chief executive of Debt Rescue, Neil Roets, said yesterday “The present combination of economic factors is going to severely impact on con¬sumers, many of whom are… Continued

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