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The price of petrol has increased by 47 cents a litre while diesel will now cost motorists between 46 and 49 cents more per litre. Economists have urged South Africans to tighten their belts as a 47c petrol increase takes effect on Wednesday morning. Electricity tariff increases and a possible interest rate rise later this… Continued

Consumers are in for hard times with middle and lower income groups expected to suffer the most, said Independent economist Dawie Roodt and Brenthurst Wealth Management investment strategist Mike Schüssler on Tuesday. The two predicted upcoming increases sure to put pressure on the already strained consumer. According to the economists, the rand may slide as… Continued

Johannesburg – Increased fuel prices will push already debt-ridden consumers into poverty, said Neil Roets, CEO of debt management firm in South Africa, Debt Rescue, in a statement on Thursday. The projected increase in the petrol price of around 30 cents a litre in early March is likely to push the fuel price to an… Continued

Gauteng – E-tolls are driving consumers further into debt, say debt management firm Debt Rescue: “In the majority of cases it was mounting toll fees and the aggressive attitude of SANRAL’s collections department that scared consumers into seeking help” said Debt Rescue CEO Neil Roets on Tuesday. According to Roets the last two weeks had… Continued

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