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EXPERTS have warned consum­ers to dig deeper into their pockets as the price of essential food items are set to increase. The price of red meat is expected to increase by more than 50% due to several factors, including drought. The expected increase will leave many consumers struggling as food, electricity, interest rates and others… Continued

THERE’S could be a sigh of relief from struggling South African consumers as there are signs that upward pressure on food prices could be starting to ease, but some experts argue lower prices will not happen any time soon. The severest drought in 30 years has been pushing prices of every­thing up, especially food, making… Continued

Huge increase in taxes and tariffs means South African consumers face uphill task to make ends meet WHEN workers opened their payslips at the end of last month, many of them had a nasty shock. The new tax rates came into effect on March 1 and many workers found their tax deductions had increased at… Continued

The proposed “debt forgiveness plan” whereby consumers’ outstanding debts older than three years will be erased will plunge consumers deeper into debt in the long run, experts say. The new legislation means if a con­sumer has not paid any instalments on the outstanding debt for three years it is said to have expired and must… Continued

‘SA’s economy set to go south with food, rates and power hikes about to slap the poor CONSUMERS should brace themselves for a tough year ahead following the approval of a 9.4% electricity tariff hike for the 2016-17 financial year. Experts have warned cash-strapped consumers to expect other items to soar as a result of… Continued

No need to bathe in the euphoria though as it will be short-lived once fuel levy kicks in BERNARD SATHEKGE THERE’S huge relief for motorists as the fuel price at the pumps will drop sig­nificantly next month by almost 70c/l, but the benefits will be short lived as the fuel levy of 30c/l kicks-in on… Continued

What they say about the budget… Rakesli Seethal, head of employment taxes and tax risk, Barclays Africa Tax: The focus of today’s budget was on tax relief to lower and middle income earners and while higher income earn­ers will experience less tax savings, they also have some relief on marginal taxes to look forward to.… Continued

Emerging market shares saw their biggest jump in two months yesterday, as a small rebound in oil prices and a rally in Chinese stocks drew investors back in after the worst start to a year for the asset class. The sudden return of risk appetite came despite the news that China’s economy grew at its… Continued

Johannesburg : School’s out for the class of 2015, but the struggle to find a job is only just beginning, with a bleak future ahead for as many as 60% of matriculants who will not easily find paid employment. Most available jobs are at the low end of the service industry, such as restaurants and… Continued

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, but as far as South African retailers are concerned it’s more a case of when the economy is tough, they become more cunning. Many retailers are finding innovative ways in their bid to lure cash- strapped consumers to part with their hard earned cash and in… Continued

As the number of people battling over-indebtedness increases, consumers have been warned to be careful about over-spending during the festive season. Statistics by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) showed the number of people with impaired credit records or in arrears with their accounts stands at 10.26 million. Neil Roets, CEO of Debt Rescue, cited lack… Continued

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