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Experts say the latest rate hike will negatively affect consumers with rising food prices and higher debt. Check out the article featured in the New Age Western Cape here: Rake hike not good news

The 47 cents per litre petrol price increase due to kick in on Wednesday, the rise in electricity tariffs and an almost certain rate hike by the Reserve Bank later in the year were going to have a devastating impact on consumers, CEO of Debt Rescue, Neil Roets, said on Tuesday. In a statement, Roets… Continued

TI IE expected price increase in the price of petrol by about 80c a litre as well as a sub¬stantial increase in the cost of electricity is going to hit the consumer like a ton of bricks. Independent economist Dawie Roodt said the fuel price increase was largely due to the weakening rand and the… Continued

SA warned not to blow bonuses, 13th cheques when cancelling debt should be the priority BERNARD SATHEKGE WHILE economic activity has been lacklustre and unemployment remains high. South African consumers seem to be preparing for another festive season spending spree which reflects an attitude described by analysts as “disturbing and irresponsible”. According to Deloitte’s Year-End… Continued

PETROL and diesel will drop significantly in price, by 45c/l and 61c 1 respectively, on Wednesday, bringing some respite to battling consumers with high household debt levels. The Department of Energy announced a drop in all grades of petrol and diesel, with both 95 and 93 octane coming down by 45c 1 while the price… Continued

Consumer debt will remain high despite the upcoming drop in fuel prices, a debt counsellor said on Monday. “The drop in the retail price of petrol of 45 cents a litre on Wednesday will bring welcome relief to deeply indebted South Africans, but the overall indebtedness of consumers remains a problem,” Debt Rescue CEO Neil… Continued

Consumer impaired records not improving on the back of rising living costs and debt THE National Credit Regulator (NCR) is concerned over the credit health of South African consumers, given the continued rise in a number of impaired records on the back of rising living costs and debt, which have squeezed disposable income. This resonated… Continued

The fuel price increase which became effective today will have dire consequences for deeply indebted consumers and may push many desperate people into the hands of loan sharks and micro lenders, say experts. The price of 95 octane petrol increased by 10c/litre at the coast and by 12c/litre inland. The CEO of debt counselling firm… Continued

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