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Chief economist at Old Mutual, Rian le Roux, has warned that a tight budget in February next year will take money out of consumers pockets. Le Roux said interest rates may be down next year but not by much. Local politics, like a Nenegate, will impact the rand negatively. A similar incident will weaken the… Continued

JOHANNESBURG – The Energy Department says if the rand strengthens, motorists could get fuel price relief in February next year. This is after the department announced a steep rise in petrol prices. From next week Wednesday, the price of 93 octane will go up by 50 cents a litre, 95 octane goes up by 48… Continued

While the new developments apply to consumers under debt review, PDAs might be out of business due to the disruption to payment distributions to creditors. Payment distribution agents (PDA) will be affected by consumers who request banks to reverse legitimate payments to credit providers. 702’s Stephen Grootes spoke to CEO of Debt Rescue, Neil Roets,… Continued

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